EPA Encourages Community Preparedness for Water Emergencies

By Patti Kay Wisniewski, EPA’s Philadelphia Regional Office 
September is National Preparedness Month – a time to take basic steps to improve our resilience and readiness for natural disasters and other emergencies. With the Atlantic hurricane season in full swing, we should all remember to plan with our families to be able to quickly and safely leave our homes when severe weather threatens.  We also take this time in September as a way to pay tribute to those who rush to the scenes of disasters like police and firefighters for their dedication to our safety and security.
How can you be ready?  Make a plan, inform your family and neighbors of your plans, test your plan, gather food, water and other supplies for the few days you may be out of your home, and don’t forget your pets.  You can also sign up for local alerts to keep current on weather situations; document valuables; share telephone numbers and keep your cell phone charged as severe weather approaches your area.
Throughout the month of September, EPA will be sharing tips with local water companies to guide them in their preparedness efforts to keep your drinking water safe in all conditions.  Please consider doing your part to prepare yourself, your family and your pets.
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