EPA Releases Final Legionella Document

This week, EPA released the final version of its document on Legionella treatment/control options.  The final document, “Technologies for Legionella Control in Premise Plumbing Systems: Scientific Literature Review” is posted on EPA’s website at https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/technologies-legionella-control-premise-plumbing-systems.
The document summarizes scientific literature on effective strategies for controlling Legionella growth in plumbing found in buildings and facilities. With this information, states, facility owners/operator and others can make more informed risk management decisions that prevent or mitigate Legionella growth in premise plumbing.  EPA produced this document based on requests from states and the Veterans Health Administration for EPA to provide information on effective strategies for controlling Legionella in buildings.  State drinking water program representatives participated in the preparation of the document and experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided feedback on several sections of the document. EPA also obtained input from the public and external experts.
The document still does not recommend any particular technology nor the installation of treatment.  Most changes from the draft are to clarify or expand the descriptions, or to be more specific about the wording (like replacing “building water systems” with “premise plumbing systems” and changing “multi barrier approaches” to “risk management approaches”).  There is also some reorganization of the content in some sections.  The document also includes a new executive summary and many more links to research and other references.