Bipartisan Attempt to Resolve Congressional Dysfunction

Last week, two members of the Illinois delegation, Darin LaHood (R) and Daniel Lipinski (D) introduced H Con Res 169 to create a Joint Commission on the Organization of the Congress.  The 28-member Commission would be both bicameral and bipartisan.  House and Senate majority and minority members serving in an ex officio capacity.
The Commission would look at and make recommendations on all levels of Congressional organization and operation – committee structure, House-Senate relationships, accountability and effectiveness in legislative responsibilities, and the timeliness of bill consideration and progress through the current structure – with an eye toward improving what is now deemed a dysfunctional operation.  Committee findings and recommendations would be reported to Congress at the end of each session.
While there’s no expectation of a vote before the end of the year, having it introduced now “plants the seed” for action early in the next Congress.