November is National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

Our colleagues in EPA’s Water Security Division invite states and water utilities to take appropriate steps during National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month to be better prepared for all emergencies.  Each week during November, EPA will share information about a different area of focus for enhanced security and resilience.
This week’s focus is Risk Assessment.  A vital step on the path to resilience is identifying your utility’s vulnerabilities.  Water and wastewater utilities can identify risks using the Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT).  VSAT can help utilities identify the highest risks to mission-critical operations and find cost-effective risk reduction strategies.  This link will take you to a downloadable version of VSAT.
Next week’s focus area will be “Get Ready – Conduct an emergency response exercise.”  Subsequent focus areas will look at community resiliency and risk reduction strategies.  Meanwhile, the Water Security Division has created a new website for this effort.  Click for more information.