EPA Publishes Final Contaminant Candidate List

This week, EPA published a Federal Register notice announcing the final Fourth Contaminant Candidate List (CCL4).  CCL4 includes 97 chemicals or chemical groups and 12 microbiological contaminants. The list includes, among others, chemicals used in commerce, pesticides, biological toxins, disinfection byproducts, pharmaceuticals and waterborne pathogens.  These contaminants are almost exclusively roll overs from CCL3, except for manganese and nonylphenol, which were added after nomination by the public.
EPA will use information collected for contaminants on the CCL, including UCMR monitoring results, to determine whether to regulate five or more contaminants. The CCL is also used to prioritize agency research needs. Get all the details on CCL4 at the CCL4 web page.