National Critical Infrastructure Security & Resiliency Month: Week #2

The theme for the second week of National Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month is GET READY!  States are encouraged to work with their utilities to be better prepared for natural and man-made disasters by conducting an emergency response exercise.  Check out the two options below!
Plan your next exercise using the Tabletop Exercise Tool for Water Systems (TTX Tool).  The TTX Tool contains 15 scenarios that help you address all-hazards in preparing for emergencies.  Customize the situation manual, discussion questions, and PowerPoint presentations to meet your needs.  The Tabletop Exercise Tool is here:
Distribute the EPA Water Infrastructure Video to your utilities and encourage them to share this 1-minute video with their customers, colleagues, and partners.  EPA developed this public service announcement to raise awareness and appreciation of critical water and wastewater infrastructure.  Click here to view the video.