EPA’s Regional Water Teams

Did you know that EPA has a dedicated “Water Team” for each Region to provide support to states and utilities in times of emergency?

Regional Water Teams (RWTs) consist of trained EPA Regional staff from the drinking water, wastewater, and emergency response programs. RWT members have a background and specialized training in relevant EPA roles and authorities, drinking water and wastewater systems, the Incident Command System (ICS)/National Incident Management System (NIMS), and field health and safety considerations.  RWTs can serve as a liaison with the state primacy agency and Federal Agencies such as FEMA; assist with sampling and analyses; and conduct needs assessments among a wide array of support tasks.

The list below identifies the Water Team Lead for each of EPA’s 10 Regions.


Water Team Leads

Region      Name      Phone      e-mail
1 Jane Downing 617-918-1571 downing.jane@epa.gov
2 Arlene Anderson 212-637-3879 anderson.arlene@epa.gov
3 Patti-Kay Wisniewski 215-814-5668 wisniewski.patti-kay@epa.gov
4 David Apanian 404-562-9477 apanian.david@epa.gov
5 Alicia Brown 312-886-4443 brown.alicia@epa.gov
6 Mark McCasland 214-665-8088 mccasland.mark@epa.gov
7 Ken Deason 913-551-7585 deason.ken@epa.gov
8 Michael Copeland 303-312-6010 copeland.michael@epa.gov
9 Bruce Macler 415 972-3569 macler.bruce@epa.gov
10 Johnny Clark 206-553-6904 clark.johnny@epa.gov