New Mexico Job Announcement

The State of New Mexico has a position opening for an Advanced Civil Engineer (NMENV #59991).  This position will provide technical, regulatory, and engineering assistance to public water systems (PWSs) to ensure that the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and the New Mexico Drinking Water Regulations are met.  This position will be responsible for reviewing plans, specifications and other regulatory-based technical documents for drinking water infrastructure projects; deciding if projects meet regulatory requirements or identifying missing requirements; providing technical review of non-regulatory documents such as Preliminary Engineering Reports and Environmental Assessments; assisting the Drinking Water Bureau Technical Services Team with engineering review of technical projects that PWSs need to either maintain or return to compliance with SDWA regulations; developing and maintaining SOPs; conducting technical training; providing emergency response technical assistance; setting project priorities for PWSs that apply for public funding for system improvements; serving on the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE) team and Emerging Technologies Workgroup; and participating in the Area Wide Optimization Program activities.  For job information and to apply, visit the state website HERE.