Alan’s Introduction

alan-picAs the new Executive Director, I would like to introduce myself to the ASDWA members and express my thanks for this opportunity, and 2017 promises to be a very interesting year.  I know many ASDWA members from my past role in AWWA’s Washington, DC Office and I look forward to meeting more of you throughout 2017 at the various meetings and conferences.  My goal is to continue to sustain the success of the ASDWA members and staff in working with Congress, EPA, DHS, and other federal agencies.
So just a quick personal note about my background.  I worked for 25 years in AWWA’s Washington, DC Office and had 12 years of consulting engineering experience in Texas and Virginia prior to that role.  I have a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.  My wife (who is also a civil engineer from Georgia Tech) and I have lived in Fairfax, Virginia for 31 years and are fortunate to have our three adult children living in DC and Virginia.