Inaugural Monthly Transition Call

By Deric Teasley

We are planning on initiating a monthly CMDP Transition call within the next few weeks. We plan to provide updates on the CMDP transition process and learn what is working for your primacy agency and what is not. This will also provide an opportunity for primacy agencies to touch base with each other regarding the transition process. The calls will be integrated with a monthly SDWIS Prime Transition call, which will occur immediately after the CMDP portion of the calls.

Some of the things we hope to accomplish over the next few months with the SDWIS Prime Transition call will be obtaining your input in validating burden estimates for SDWIS Prime and updating the SDWIS Prime implementation schedule for your primacy agency.

Prior to our next call, please visit the SDWIS SharePoint ( -> Transition Documents and Transition Feedback and review the transition schedule for your primacy agency.  Keep in mind these calendars have not been updated since October 2014.

The SDWIS Prime Transition portion of the calls will be headed by Marian Robinson ( and CMDP portion by Deric Teasley ( Please let Marian or Deric know if you have any concerns or agenda items you would like included in the inaugural CMDP/SDWIS Prime Transition call.

Sign up to be a part of these calls by messaging:

The first call is tentatively scheduled for February 16 @ 3:30pm (EST).