Mayors Seek “Resiliency Revolving Loan Fund”

During their early March Leadership Meeting, the US Conference of Mayors heard from several of their cities along the Mississippi River about the desire to create a new “resiliency revolving loan” fund to address flood and other storm-related damages.  The fund is only one part of a larger initiative being touted by the Mississippi Rivers Cities and Towns Initiative (MRCTI).  According to MRTCI, the nearly $8 billion infrastructure plan would focus on both existing Federal programs, including those at EPA, and new funding efforts such as repatriation of overseas holdings into tax exempt municipal bonds.  The resilient SRF would be designed along the lines of the DWSRF and CWSRF but be used for disaster-resilient projects along the Mississippi River.  However, eligible projects would not be limited to water or wastewater.  Ecosystem restoration appears to be an early goal of this initiative.
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