Using P3 in the Water Sector

To help broaden understanding of how public-private and public-public partnerships (“P3”) and performance based infrastructure project delivery models can be used by communities to develop water infrastructure projects, EPA and the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange provided assistance under a cooperative agreement to the University of North Carolina (UNC) Environmental Finance Center to perform an in-depth examination of nine projects where communities used these alternative project delivery models.
UNC’s report, “The Financial Impact of Alternative Water Project Delivery Models,” provides detailed case studies for each of the communities highlighting outcomes of the models including how the project was developed and procured, how risks were allocated, and the financial structure and features.  Click UNC EFC Alternative Water Project Delivery Models Report
In conjunction with the report’s release, EPA’s Water Finance Center published a companion perspective on the report which provides an overview of the P3 procurement model, the model’s benefits and risks, and the decision process used to solicit P3 services.  Click Perspective: “The Financial Impact of Alternative Water Project Delivery Models” in the Water Sector.