Creating a Microsoft Account for SharePoint Access

How to Create a Microsoft Account

Several years ago we published an article describing how to create a Microsoft account so that you can access the SDWIS SharePoint site. (Please note that EPA employees having email addresses ending with “” do not have to follow this process). In the earlier instructions, we asked you to use your work email address as your Microsoft ID. Since that time, Microsoft has, for some very technical reasons, disabled the ability to create a Microsoft ID using your work email addresses.

Instead, we’re asking that you create a new email account combining your name and your organization in the address. For example, John Smith, who works for the Virginia Department of Health, would create an address such as:

After you’ve created your new Microsoft ID, please send an email to: from your official work email address, listing your Microsoft ID (, following the example above) so that we can setup your access to the SharePoint site.

What if I Already Have Access to the SharePoint Site?

If you are not having any problems accessing the SharePoint site, then you can ignore these instructions. If you haven’t accessed the site in a while, you might want to test accessing it now to see if you have any problems. If you do have a problem accessing the site, you might want to go ahead and create a new account. Microsoft is changing the way that it authenticates users to SharePoint and you may be prevented (by Microsoft) from accessing the EPA’s sites.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these instructions for creating a Microsoft account:

1 Go to


Click on the “Sign in” link located in the upper right hand corner of the web page:


3 The website displays the Sign in page shown below. In this example, we’re going to create a new Microsoft ID. Click on the “Create one” link:


4 Enter your information into the Create an Account form. In the User name field, do not use your work email address as your user name. Instead, consider clicking on the “Get a new email address” link and create a new email address that incorporates your name and your organization. For example, John Doe working for the Virginia Department of Health might create the email ID:


5 After you’ve completed the form and clicked on “Create account”, the Verify email page is displayed:Microsoft5.JPG
6 Open a new browser window and go to your email account and log in. In your inbox, look for an email from the Microsoft account team with the subject “Verify your email address.” Follow the instructions in the email to verify your account. The instructions will take you to this page:

Enter your password and click on “Sign in.” When you have successfully signed in, Microsoft displays a new page informing you that you are “ready to go.”

7 Using your work email account (not the one you just used to setup this Microsoft account), send an email to Include the email ID you used to create the account in Step 4.
8 Check your email account (the same one you used to setup the Microsoft ID and not your work email account) for an email from with the subject “Last Name, First Name wants to share SDWIS”. Open this email and click on the Go To SDWIS link in the email.
9 The Welcome to SharePoint Online page opens. Click on the Microsoft account link next to the blue arrow. Clicking on the Organizational account link will not work.


10 The SDWIS SharePoint site opens: