More Proposed FY17 Budget Cuts

As described in ASDWA’s March 28 message to ASDWA Members, the Trump Administration is asking for supplemental funds to support defense and border initiatives during FY 17.  The recommendation is that these projects be funded at the expense of programs and projects undertaken by various Federal Agencies including EPA.
Our colleagues at ECOS have prepared a chart that reflects the proposed cuts for EPA in FY 17 – a total specific funding amounts, it outlines the White House proposed cuts and places those cuts within the context of FY 16 enacted appropriations levels; the FY 17 budget request (made under the Obama Administration); FY 17 House and Senate proposed but not passed funding levels; and the percentage change.
Appropriators in both Congressional Chambers have not been particularly supportive of these additional cut proposals, saying that it is generally too late to undo the negotiated funding compromises already in place for an FY 17 Omnibus funding measure and still meet the April 28 expiration date for the existing Continuing Resolution (CR).  It remains to be seen what impact these proposals may have regardless of the timing.
ATTACHMENT – FY17 WH Reduced Budget Summary