SDWIS Prime Community User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Round 1

by Kristen Gastner

The SDWIS Prime web application will be opened up for the first round of community user acceptance testing (UAT) later this month, April 24-May 5.  The focus of this first round of testing will be on inventory and legal entity management.  This means that between April 24 and May 5, EPA is asking the whole SDWIS community to go into the system, look around, and tell us what you think about how the system handles inventory and legal entity data.

After this first round of community testing, the development team is planning for two more rounds to occur before the end of September:

  • July 10-21, during which the focus will be on monitoring schedules and violations
  • Aug 21-Sept 1, where sanitary surveys will be looked at along with everything else you’ve previously tested

The development team had very much hoped to get the community involved in testing earlier this year in order to spread things out better, however, we just weren’t ready.  We wanted to make sure that the application was ready to test before asking for your time to look things over.

We are still formulating the process through which you will obtain user credentials to access SDWIS Prime.  Look for a message early next week (around April 10) with instructions on how to obtain user credentials (we will be posting all communications as well on the SDWIS Prime blog).  EPA will also be announcing this first round of community testing on the April 13 SDWIS Update call.

ASDWA setup a pre-DMUC webinar on April 19 to walk the community through how/what to test, and how to provide feedback.

2017 DMUC Pre-Con Webinar: SDWIS Prime Community Testing Round 1
Join us for a webinar on Apr 19, 2017 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM EDT.

Register now!

This webinar will provide the SDWIS community with information about how to do SDWIS Prime application testing during this first round of user acceptance testing (UAT), occurring April 24May 5. Testers will be testing the inventory and legal entity areas of SDWIS Prime, so during the webinar, EPA and the development team will orient the community to what to look for while testing, and how to make the most of interacting with the system. Testers will use the SDWIS Prime Zendesk website to provide feedback, so a demo and instructions will be provided about how to use Zendesk. Finally, there will be open Q and A during the webinar.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

We look forward to the valuable input the community will provide.  Please direct any questions to