Partnership for Safe Water Spring Newsletter

The Partnership for Safe Water just emailed subscribers and partners their Spring 2017 Newsletter, highlighting activities and resources for the Partnership.  Twenty-two years ago this April the Partnership for Safe Water was started by six water organizations, including ASDWA, to help water systems go beyond the regulatory requirements and optimize their treatment for microbial pathogens like Cryptosporidium.  Now it is a growing optimization program covering drinking water treatment, distribution systems, and clean water treatment.  To learn how far we have come, the spring newsletter includes a link to the Annual Data Summary Report which shows how 482 treatment plants and 160 distribution systems are having a positive impact on water quality and public health protection.  In the technical tip, we learn that spring is an ideal time to review treatment plant operations as the seasons change.  Coming in June is AWWA’s ACE, where Partnership experiences will be shared during technical sessions and awardees will be recognized.
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