Community UAT Round 1 Logistics and Credential Set Up

by Kristen Gastner

The SDWIS Prime web application will be opened up for the first round of community user acceptance testing (UAT) later this month, April 24-May 5.

Community testers will access the following SDWIS Prime URL in order to conduct testing:

Users will use new (previously uncreated) credentials in order to access the SDWIS Prime application.  Previous CDX credentials that users may have had for past SDWIS Prime development efforts will not be used, as CDX has not been integrated into back in yet.  The credentials you set up for community testing will be for testing purposes only, and will be the same for all rounds of community testing.  Later on, once CDX is integrated, new CDX credentials will be created for users.

In order to obtain credentials for accessing the application, please provide the following information on this Google document[1] by April 19th:

  • Name (first and last name)
  • Email
  • Primacy Agency code (e.g. ‘TX’, ‘R7’, etc)
  • S/State User (indicate yes, no or whether you’re a hybrid user)
  • State POC (since Primacy Agency point of contact who will be providing tester feedback on behalf of your Primacy Agency)

This is a public Google document, so please be mindful to not edit anyone else’s information as you enter your own.

The last column of this Google document, the ‘State POC’ is VERY IMPORTANT.  EPA is requesting that each Primacy Agency identify one individual who will be the single point of contact for providing all testing feedback from the Primacy Agency to EPA via Zendesk.  This means that if you have 5 individuals testing the SDWIS Prime application during the community testing period, only the single point of contact will submit consolidated feedback.  This will require coordination on the part of each Primacy Agency internally to ensure feedback is consolidated and not duplicative.  If a state POC is not identified by the Primacy Agency by April 19th, testing may be delayed as credentials may not be issued.

After you’ve provided your information to the Google document, you will receive an email confirming your username and password and that your account is activated to use for the testing site.

ASDWA will be holding two pre-DMUC webinars related to this round of community UAT, one on April 19, which will be intended to provide directions for what and how to test, and a second one on May 3, which will provide an opportunity for the community to ask clarifying questions before submitting comments by May 5.  Both webinars will be from 1-3 pm eastern.

Please register for the April 19 webinar here:

Please register for the May 3 webinar here:

[1] The full URL for the Google document is as follows: