ASDWA, ACWA, and GWPC Ask for Funding Support

Earlier this week, ASDWA, ACWA, and GWPC sent a joint letter to the Chairs and Ranking Members of the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on Interior & Environment.  The joint letter explains the value of funding for state drinking water programs, state wastewater programs, and state groundwater protection programs.  The letter describes potential consequences for state programs should there be a reduction in Federal funding and further explains how state programs use these funds to advance the attainment of safe and clean waters as required by Federal and state laws and regulations.
In sharing the joint letter, ASDWA’s Executive Director, Alan Roberson, said, “This is the first of several steps that are going to unfold for the balance of 2017 in our efforts to protect PWSS funding…ASDWA will continue to work hard to protect PWSS funding so that public health protection continues to be an achievable goal.”
Letter to House Appropriations Committee on FY18 Proposed Budget Details