FY 17 Funding – Will They, or Won’t They?

House and Senate Appropriators from both sides of the aisle are working hard to find a way to fund Federal government operations for the remainder of FY 17.  Will they extend the CR or create an Omnibus funding measure or develop a hybrid that provides new funding for some Agencies and an extended CR for others (most likely such as EPA)?
Right now, prognosticators are fairly positive that the two parties in the two chambers will find a way to fund all agencies without relying on an extended CR.  However, despite their best intentions, they may need to take up a short-term CR of just a few days to iron out all of the outstanding details.  The decision must be made before midnight on Thursday, April 28.
Meanwhile, the Administration is issuing preliminary shutdown guidance for all Federal Agencies.  The guidance comes from OMB and required to be issued seven days before a potential government shutdown deadline.