Roadmap to a Secure & Resilient Water and Wastewater Sector

Working at the behest of the Water Sector Coordinating Council and the Government Coordinating Council, the Water and Wastewater Sector Strategic Roadmap Work Group has published an updated Roadmap to a Secure & Resilient Water Sector to reflect Sector progress and changes in conditions since 2013.
This 2017 Roadmap updates priority activity areas for the partnership over the next five years.  It reflects the Sector’s considerable efforts to expand mutual aid and assistance, develop critical Water and Wastewater Sector security standards, enhance local, state and federal partnerships, address cybersecurity concerns, provide research and studies, and release new risk assessment tools designed to enhance preparedness and resiliency.
ASDWA would like to thank Johnna McKenna (NH) and Ike Eisenhart (VA) for participating in this workgroup and representing state drinking water program perspectives.  The new Roadmap is attached.
2017 CIPAC Water Sector Roadmap_FINAL_051217 (1)