SDWIS Data Quality Matrix and Federal Reporting Updates

by Alex Porteous, US EPA, OGWDW

EPA recently updated the secure version of the SDWIS Fed Reporting Services with a new version of the Data Quality Report. The new report was created to reflect requests for changes to the Data Quality measures, as well as to provide additional report download options. The primary change to the Data Quality Report is the removal of the subsection addressing active facilities for inactive systems.

Additionally, the format has changed to a tabular form. The revised Data Quality Matrix Guide is available on the SDWIS SharePoint site, here. Primacy agencies may now select “Data Quality Reports 2” on the secure Federal Reporting Services site, from the ‘Reports’ dropdown menu. This new report, in a tabular output, may be downloaded using the new download button on the report results page. It will allow users to download and save the report in Excel format. Previous quarterly Data Quality Reports, in PDF format, can be found on the SDWIS SharePoint site, here. All subsequent Data Quality Reports posted to the SDWIS SharePoint site will be in Excel format. Users may contact Alex Porteous if they have additional suggestions for future reporting additions or updates. (Alex Porteous, US EPA, OGWDW)