WIFIA Receives More Than 40 Letters of Interest

The first round of funding requests for the WIFIA program has generated 43 letters of interest representing $6 billion in loans.  Credit assistance requests range from $9 million to $635 million.  While details on specific requests are not yet available, EPA’s WIFIA program has provided the following breakout of types of prospective borrowers and proposed projects.

  • 1 SRF program
  • 3 partnerships & joint ventures
  • 2 corporations & Trusts
  • 37 public entities (including 2 small communities)

About one-third of prospective borrowers indicated that they plan to or would like to co-finance with SRF funding.

  • Located in 20 different states (18 are in California)
  • 9 water projects (including 3 desalination projects)
  • 24 wastewater projects and
  • 10 combined water and wastewater projects (including 7 water recycling and aquifer recharge projects)

The WIFIA program also reports that at least one request came from 9 of the 10 EPA geographic regions.