As of CMDP release 1.7.3:

Templates Updated

  • The UOM values in sample and operational data have been updated for color and pH.
  • Values for method and analytes support type ahead functionality for the leading number code.
    • Note: Must double click cell first.
  • Changes were made in TTHM/HAA5 so that each Sampling Point and the LRAA are now in the results grid.

Important: If your lab or PWS is using the Excel templates, you must ensure that Version 2.0.9 is used for Sample Results and Version 2.0.12 for Operational Data. Template version number is visible on the first tab in each document. Previous templates will be incompatible and may result in validation errors.

Method/Analyte Pairing Updated

The method-analyte pairing list has been updated to incorporate a much larger list of federally approved codes.