EPA Enforcement Nominee Takes the Next Step

Susan Bodine, the Administration’s nominee to be the next EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, received a thumbs up on Wednesday from the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.  Although no Democrat on the Committee voted for Bodine, it was because of discontent with Administrator Pruitt’s lack of response to Member questions rather than any concern over Bodine’s qualifications.
Bodine brings a wealth of experience to the position.  At present, she is Chief Counsel for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and has also served in other capacities for the Committee under previous Administrations.  Bodine also worked on staff for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  She also has served as an assistant administrator in the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response during the Bush Administration.
The next step is for Bodine to be confirmed by the full Senate.