FY 18 Budget v. Appropriations

In a whirlwind effort, each of the 12 House Appropriations Subcommittees has managed to develop and pass measures necessary to fund the government for FY 18, which starts on October 1st.  EPA’s FY 18 funding passed its Subcommittee on Wednesday.  Full Committee action has taken place on some of the measures and others are being scheduled.  It appears that everything is on track for a good funding year, right?
Not necessarily.  A budget resolution still needs to be adopted by both the House and the Senate.  As passed by the Subcommittees, the 12 House funding bills exceed the 2015 agreed-to budget caps.  House budget leaders have been considering about $1.13 billion for non-defense discretionary spending.  However, they have yet to come to agreement on mandatory spending and other considerations.  The GOP Caucus is meeting today to decide on a timeline for next steps to achieve a budget before the start of the August recess.
There is no certainty as to what will happen next and we will continue to keep ASDWA’s members posted on the latest funding developments.