Water Research Foundation Potable Reuse Workshop and New RFPs

The Water Research Foundation will co-host a potable reuse workshop with WE&RF and has published two new RFPs.  Following is more information about these efforts that should be of interest to state drinking water programs.

  • The Potable Reuse Workshop is titled, “Potable Reuse in the Mid-Atlantic: Drivers, Trends, and Success Stories Workshop,” and will be held on August 23, 2017 in Lorton, Virginia. The workshop is designed to inform attendees on the state of the science of potable reuse – particularly as it pertains to the mid-Atlantic region. Presentation topics will include treatment technologies, treatment system design and permitting, economics, operations, and achieving stakeholder support to overcome regulatory barriers and gain public trust.
  • The RFP for project #4727 is titled, “An Asset Management Framework for Forested and Natural Assets,” and will develop and test a framework and supporting tools for integrating acquisition and management of forested lands for source water protection into an overall strategic asset management program for a water utility.
  • The RFP for project #4747 is titled, “Chemical Management of Hydrilla for Drinking Water Utilities” and will assess the state of knowledge of fluridone application for the management of hydrilla in drinking water reservoirs and its impacts on treatability, water quality, human and environmental health, and identify leading practices to mitigate impacts, as well as assess and evaluate the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s current and proposed hydrilla management efforts.

For more information, visit the WRF website and click on the links above.