SDWIS Prime Community UAT Round 2: July 24 – Aug 4

by Kristen Gastner

Hello SDWIS Community,

The following summarizes what you need to know to conduct round 2 of community user acceptance testing (UAT) for the SDWIS Prime application.  This round of community UAT lasts between July 24 – Aug 4.

The focus of this round of testing is monitoring schedules and violations.  Note that this testing is meant to show you what the data elements and initial work flow look like for monitoring schedules and violations. However, the BRE is not yet integrated into these screens.  The BRE will be integrated for RTCR, GWR, and LCR with the September, v0.8 release of Prime.

The SDWIS team conducted a webinar recently, on July 19th, that provided an overview of what to test.  A recording of the webinar can be found here: – this can also be viewed on the ASDWA site in the SDWIS Video section ( once you’ve logged in; note that the slide deck is available for download here, and we will be posting the Q&A to this site as well in the next week).

Please note the following as you test:

  • The URL to test SDWIS Prime is:
  • Use your credentials that were set up for the last round of UAT.  If you don’t remember your credentials or need credentials, please contact us at
  • Guidance for what to test is located in the SDWIS Prime Help Center under the Knowledge Base section ( – note the monitoring schedules and violations sections.  Also, please note the FAQs and Known Issues section of the Help Center to see what we know to be issues and what issues have been fixed.
  • Providing feedback through the SDWIS Prime Help Center:
    • Like last time, EPA is using the SDWIS Prime Zendesk Help Center to gather tester feedback:
      • You will need to create a username and password for using the Help Center.  These will be separate credentials from the credentials you’re using to access SDWIS Prime.
    • Primacy Agency points of contact should communicate consolidated feedback from all testers in the Primacy Agency into a Zendesk ticket, or a user acceptance test incident report.  Directions for how to submit an incident report can be found here in Zendesk.
      • Please note:  EPA will place priority attention on incident report feedback.  EPA will only consider incident report feedback from the Primacy Agency points of contact.
      • Please be as specific with your feedback as possible.
    • Anyone doing testing or with overall comments about SDWIS Prime may consult and place feedback via community post the Help Center.

Please let us know if you have further questions, and happy testing!

SDWIS Prime Team