[CMDP] Release Notes (1.9)

Composite Samples

The error message ‘sampleCategory is required, jobID is required’ was displayed when individual samples were added to the Composite Samples Results grid. The individual samples will now save successfully.

The Value entered in ‘Collection Time’ field was not getting saved during creation rather the value was saved during the update.  Collection Time is now being saved when individual sample records are created.

The Water System Name field was not auto-populated when the water system ID was selected from the list.  This has been validated and WaterSystem Name is being populated automatically when WaterSystem ID is selected.

System Improvements

Added ‘Sample Collector Name’ as a new field to Sample Meta-data area of web forms and templates for Microbiological, Chemical/Radionuclides, and  Crypto screens.  Sample Collector Name is not federally or software required. The primacy agency will determine through policy direction to the labs/PWSs how they want Sample Collector Name reported.

Added Sample Received Date to Web Forms and Templates for laboratories working with water utility clients. It’s important to know when the lab received the sample bottle(s) from the water utility, as that date determines the start of the holding time calculation.

As part of this release the following documents have been updated:

  • CMDP Web Services Sampling Data Dictionary
  • Sampling Results to XML Sampling Application
  • Sample Result XSD

Note:  When generating an XML for the Chem’s tab or the Crypto tab, Collector Name and Received Date are not being populated in the XML file.  This will generate a validation error in the CMDP.  We are working to address this.