Archive of PFAS Webinar now Available


Summary materials from the September 26th webinar on perfluorinated substances (PFAS) is now available on the ASDWA website. Dr. Detlef Knappe from North Carolina State University (NCSU) presented his research on both legacy (PFOA and PFOS) and emerging (GenX) PFAS in the Cape Fear River watershed in North Carolina. He summarized the sampling results, as well as some initial treatment data that showed some of the emerging PFAS are more challenging to remove from drinking water than PFOA and PFOS.  He described some of his ongoing challenges in getting analytical standards for many of the emerging PFAS in order to determine concentrations in source waters and the lack of health effects information on these emerging PFAS.
For more information on his PFAS research at NCSU, you can visit the website for Dr. Knappe’s research group.