[CMDP] Release Notes (1.9.1)


Users should now be able to generate an XML and submit using either manual upload or web services, without errors generated by the server.  Sample Collector Name and Sample Received Date are now being populated in the XML file if the user chooses to populate these fields for Chem/Rad or Crypto tabs; these field values will now be reflected in the sample submission.

Known Issue

There is an incorrect Validation Error for E.coli, “Missing Data for Fields (Volume Assayed, E.coli results)”.  While Attain works to fix this bug, please direct your submitters to ignore this validation error, and please let them know that, like other Federal Validation Errors, it will not prevent the submitter from electronically signing the Sample Job and submitting to the state primacy agency.  The contractor is working to complete this bug fix as soon as possible; we will contact you directly as soon as it is resolved.