Data Mapping/DSE

• TTHM / HAA5 and Composite Samples now mapped to XML Sampling
• Analyzing Lab ID and Reporting Lab ID now mapped as discrete values to XML Sampling.
• The DSE WAR file (1.10-103.war) has been updated to reflect the new mapping to XML Sampling for the above three items.

Web Forms/UI

• Web forms for reporting residuals in the distribution system (DS RDC and MRDL) have been updated. Users can now choose to enter only MRDL data for groundwater-based PWSs. The fields for “Number of Measurements Required” for MRDL and DS RDC reporting are now discrete, and have been re-labeled for clarity.

SCS Credentials in DSE Variables Now May Be Encrypted

• DSE user credentials may now be encrypted using a cypher tool, and placed in the DSE properties file. The new WAR file (1.10-103.war) and cypher tool (CypherTool.jar), along with all installation instructions, are in the CMDP Help Center.
• There are 4 other files in addition to the WAR and JAR:
o dse_config.properties
o DSE_encrypt.bat
o setenv.bat
o setenv.bat_as_env_vars

Backend Database

• “REGION” is now a valid value in the CMDP for the S/State field “Certifying Agency”.

Defect Repairs


• Fixed two defects in IFE turbidity questions while using the template (the defect was not present in the web forms). A new template has been generated to support this fix.

Documentation Updates

CMDP User Manual v 1.2.docx

• Added new fields/labels to the data elements tables for Chlorine/Chloramines in Distribution System sample data entry.
• Updated Screenshots for “Chlorine / Chloramine in DS” CMDP web form (for DS RDC and MRDL reporting) and added new fields to the Data Elements Grid.


• New SampleResult.xsd for the new DS RDC and MRDL fields and data labels.


Four documents related to the new WAR file and the JAR:
• Instructions to update environment variables in user defined location (Word)
• Instructions to use Cypher Tool (Word)
• DSE Setup Guide_MS SQL Server (Word)
• DSE Setup Guide_Oracle DB (Word)

CMDP Web Service Inventory and Lab XML Schema Definitions

• CMDP Web Service XML Schema Definitions –
Updated Data Elements Grid for submitters reporting DS RDC or MRDL values.