December SDWIS Prime Update

by Alan Roberson, Executive Director, ASDWA

Good afternoon State Administrators, This is the second in a series of monthly updates on SDWIS Prime that ASDWA will email to all administrators in the first part of each month, so that everyone has a handle on its development and implementation. These updates will continue through 2018 and likely into 2019.

In case you missed it, EPA encountered complications while loading Primacy Agency data in November in support of the SDWIS Prime v0.8 User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The issue resulted in facility data duplication for CMDP users in the CMDP pre-production environment – note that this does not affect states in CMDP production. EPA has fixed the problem, so that CMDP pre-production users are no longer impacted.

EPA’s initial testing of Prime v0.8 also revealed some Business Rule Engine (BRE) and Prime User Interface integration issues. EPA’s SDWIS Prime Team determined these issues should be corrected prior to proceeding with further testing of v0.8, to ensure respectful use of testers’ time. To ensure that the fixes are effective, and with the upcoming holidays, EPA is postponing Primev0.8 testing of samples data and BRE integration until January 2018.

If they want to, Primacy Agencies may still access SDWIS Prime in the EPA test environment ( to explore the system and review current functionality. However, the samples data that Primacy Agencies provided to EPA from both SDWIS State systems and SDWIS free systems will not be loaded into Prime v0.8, by EPA, until January 2018. Users should continue to obtain CDX test credentials and set up system administrators within SDWIS Prime. EPA has tentatively scheduled a webinar on January 10th to start the v0.8 testing. Webinars will be scheduled throughout January and the first half of February to provide detailed instructions to testers, to follow-up about the data load, and to provide the user community with a status of the BRE integration functionality.

Obviously, this delay in v0.8 impacts the overall project schedule. SDWIS Prime v1.0 release is now scheduled for May 2018, followed a few months of UAT and pilot testing in six states. Pilot testing will last until full functionality is achieved. At this point, general transition to Prime can begin, with an estimated timeframe of November 2018. The clock for EPA’s one year of support for the states will start then, only after v1.0 is fully tested and available to states to adopt.