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[Prime] Upcoming webinars

EPA is hosting a series of webinars to assist primacy agencies in conducting user acceptance testing for Prime v 0.8. Each of the webinars will be recorded.

Please refer to the links below to register and save to your calendar (please note a couple of the dates have changed since previously announced).

All webinars will run from 3pm-4:30pm EST

SDWIS Prime: Focus on triggering the BRE and anticipating the results

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Jan 10:


SDWIS Prime: LCR, GWR Assessments, BRE testing with 2014 data

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Jan 23:


SDWIS Prime: BRE testing with 2015 data (LCR, GWR Assessments)

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Jan 31:


SDWIS Prime: RTCR, LCR, GWR, BRE testing with 2016 data

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Feb 6:


SDWIS Prime: Q&A Webinar

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Feb 15:


SDWIS Prime: UAT Retrospective

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Feb 28: