February SDWIS Prime Update

by Alan Roberson, Executive Director, ASDWA

Good Afternoon State Administrators, this is the fourth in a series of monthly updates on SDWIS Prime that ASDWA will email to all administrators in the first part of each month so that everyone has a handle on its development and implementation. These monthly updates will continue through at least the end of 2019.

SDWIS Prime v0.8 User Testing is ongoing and has been going okay. States are able to test and are reporting issues that need to be addressed.  Some communications issues with the Help Center have been somewhat resolved by grouping individual requests, and the loading of samples was delayed a week.  This testing will be completed by the end of February. Three webinars have already been held to assist with the testing, with three additional webinars scheduled between 2/12 and 3/7.

ASDWA worked with EPA and Attain (EPA’s contractor) to set up a meeting with six established testing states on January 16-19th, and this meeting was very successful in obtaining additional insights into the rest of the development for SDWIS Prime v1.0. Building on that success, a second meeting with these states, EPA and Attain has been scheduled for March 14-16 to provide an additional opportunity for more detailed discussions.

The SDWIS Prime v1.0 release is still scheduled for May 2018, followed by a few months of User Testing and pilot testing. Prime v1.0 will certainly be a big topic of discussion at the July Data Management Users Conference (DMUC). Pilot testing will last until full functionality is achieved. At this point, general transition to Prime can begin, with an estimated timeframe of November 2018. The clock for EPA’s one year of support for the states will start then, only after v1.0 is fully tested and available to states to adopt.