EPA Seeks Comments on Clean Water Act Coverage of Groundwater Discharge Connections to Surface Water


On February 20th, EPA published a Federal Register Notice asking for comments on whether point source discharges, that have a direct hydrologic connection to jurisdictional surface waters via groundwater or other subsurface flow, should be subject to Clean Water Act regulation. EPA is requesting comment on whether the Agency should consider clarification or revision of those statements and if so, comment on how clarification or revision should be provided. Comments are due on or before May 21, 2018. Comments must be submitted at http://www.regulations.gov using Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2018-0063. For more information, view the Federal Register Notice. For questions, contact Scott Wilson of EPA at (202) 564-6087 or wilson.js@epa.gov. For some more perspective, read this Earth & Water Law Group Article.