Proposed LT-LCR Schedule Slips to February 2019

The Spring 2018 Unified Regulatory Agenda for EPA now shows that the schedule for the proposed Long-Term Revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (LT-LCR) has now slipped to February 2019. The previous Agenda showed a proposal date of August 2018.

The slippage in the schedule is not surprising, given the range of issues that EPA intends to address in the LT-LCR, as well as the recent Federalism Consultation in early 2018. In April 2018, ASDWA released a Costs of States’ Transactions Study (CoSTS) for the proposed LT-LCR, as any regulatory option ultimately selected will likely require states to track, review, and approve revised distribution system materials inventories and updated tap sampling plans based on the revised inventories, as well as likely updated corrosion control treatment plans. This study estimated that the LT-LCR costs to states could be as high as $100 million annually for all of the transactions.