EPA Webinar on Source Water Protection

downloadOn Tuesday, June 26, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm (eastern), EPA’s Office of Research and Development and Office of Water will hold a free webinar on Source Water Protection as part of the Small Systems Monthly Webinar Series. Presentations during the webinar will include:

  • Source Water Protection 101 and Drinking Water Mapping Application to Protect Source Waters (DWMAPS): This presentation by Kara Goodwin and Bo Williams of EPA will provide basic information about source water protection (from source water assessments to implementation and partnership building) and will showcase EPA’s DWMAPS tool, which can be used to update source water assessments and protection plans, prepare utilities for emergency situations, and support partnerships efforts.
  • Collaborating for Source Water Protection: This presentation by Kim Swan of the Clackamas River Water Providers (CRWP) in Oregon will discuss how the CRWP was formed, its mission and source water protection goals, current program efforts, and the benefits of working together to jointly fund projects and studies that would otherwise be too costly to fund individually.

State primacy agencies, tribes, community planners, technical assistance providers, academia, and water systems are encouraged to attend. For more information about EPA’s Monthly Small System Webinar Series and this webinar, visit the EPA website. Register for the webinar here.