CA Releases Interactive Map for Lead Sampling in Drinking Water in Schools

The California State Water Resources Control Board recently posted an interactive map for lead sampling in drinking water at schools across the state. The dots and pins on the map are color-coded based on lead concentrations for each school:

  • Grey – no action level exceedance
  • Purple – action level exceedance and follow up completed
  • Red – action level exceedance and follow up pending

Many school districts are grappling with lead sampling and remediation, and this is an interesting graphical approach to presenting a large amount of data. The sampling results for each school can be found by clicking on the dots and pins.

On a separated but related issue, some water systems have also developed graphical presentations for materials inventories and lead service lines in their distribution systems. The Greater Cincinnati Water Works’ Service Line Information map provides details on both the public and private portions of the service lines. DC Water also has an excellent Service Line Map. Admittedly, not every system can provide this level of detail but developing a complete materials inventory of their distribution system should be a priority for every water system, even if that inventory results in many “unknowns”  – and then a plan would need to be developed to reduce the number of “unknowns” over time.