EFCN Offers August Web Training Opportunities

Mapping:  There’s More Than One Way to Show Your Data Electronically

DATE:              Tuesday, August 21, 2018

TIME:               1:00-2:00PM (eastern)

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The knowledge you can gain about your system by visualizing data using electronic maps is invaluable. Though developing an electronic mapping program (or making the transition from paper to electronic mapping) can seem daunting and expensive, it may not be not as hard, or as costly, as you think. This webinar will review some of the types of data that can be mapped electronically and review a range of available electronic mapping platforms and data collection options available to you. We will also demonstrate that electronic maps are able to show you much more than simply asset locations.  This information comes from the Southwest Environmental Finance Center at the University of New Mexico.


Encouraging Conservation—An In-Depth Look at Non-Pricing Approaches

DATE:              Thursday, August 23, 2018

TIME:               2:00PM-3:00PM EDT

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Water systems have a variety of reasons for wanting to encourage conservation, from environmental benefits to limited supply or treatment capacity. This webinar will explore non-pricing strategies that water systems can use to encourage their customers to conserve water. These strategies include water use restrictions, increasing customer information, and reducing real water loss. We will discuss how these approaches impact the system’s ability to cover the full cost of providing safe drinking water today and into the future.  This information comes from the Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.