SWC Webinar with TPL on Decision Support Tools for Source Water Protection

swc_logoOn Wednesday, September 12, 2018 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (eastern), the Source Water Collaborative (SWC) will host a free webinar with The Trust for Public Land (TPL) entitled, “Multi-Purpose Decision Support Systems for Source Water Protection Strategies.” The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate the use of decision support tools and multi-purpose landscape analysis systems that can strengthen the ability of water suppliers to develop land protection strategies that address threats to drinking water sources. During the webinar, Fred Gifford will demonstrate various GIS-based tools that TPL has developed, explain their data layers, and describe specific applications of this information. State, interstate, tribal, and federal water programs, municipalities, water utilities, land use advocates, and technical assistance providers are encouraged to participate, along with anyone else who would like to attend. For more information and to register, GO HERE.