September 2018 Events to Promote Groundwater Protection

Protect your GW DayProtect Your Groundwater Day is September 4. This day provides a great opportunity to promote public health and environmental protection by getting involved and celebrating. State drinking water programs should consider sharing information about “Protect Your Groundwater Day” with your water utilities and citizens to create greater awareness about protecting this valuable resource. The National Ground Water Association has put together some free marketing materials to help you promote the event including social media messaging and tips for #PYGWD, a press release template, and logos, posters and graphics at

septicsmart_week_2018_save_date_010318SepticSmart Week is September 17-21. Each year, SepticSmart Week is held with outreach activities to encourage homeowners and communities to care for and maintain their septic systems. This year, SepticSmart Week will be held from September 17-21. State drinking water programs and communities will want to use this opportunity to promote homeowner education and awareness and educate local decision makers about infrastructure options available to improve and sustain communities. Visit EPA’s website to download SepticSmart materials and a proclamation template, read about suggested events and activities, view highlights and case studies of community efforts across the nation, and join in the conversation on social media at #SepticSmartWeek.