EPA Announces New Grant Program for States for Lead Testing in Schools and Childcare Programs

Today (9/21), EPA announced a new grant program for lead testing in schools and child care programs. Authorized under the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act, this new grant program includes $20 million for states and $1.2 million for tribal schools. On 9/21, letters were sent to the Governors that requested letters of intent to participate in this program to be sent to EPA by January 11, 2019. EPA has scheduled two webinars (same program on both days) on October 4th and October 10th for states to learn more about the grant program and what to include in the letters of intent. The grant program is non-competitive and doesn’t include a requirement for any matching funds from the state.

More information will follow later in the year about the two other new grant programs from WIIN – $20 million for small and disadvantaged communities that will require a 45% state match, and another for $10 million for reducing lead in drinking water that will be a competitive grant that will focus on private side lead service line replacement and providing assistance to low-income households to replace lead service lines.