WRF PFAS Briefing Held Last Week

WRF logoOn October 4th, the Water Research Foundation (WRF) held a congressional briefing entitled, “State of Science and Treatment Technologies for Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Water: Public Sector Perspectives.” The agenda for the briefing provided a good general overview on the state of PFAS science, available treatment technologies, and implications for state and local agencies. A few highlights from the briefing included:

  • Charles Schaefer of CDM Smith presented information about PFAS treatment challenges, technologies, and approaches where researchers are finding the best results using combined treatments for removing multiple PFAS compounds.
  • Brandon Kernen of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services provided state perspectives on the development of PFAS drinking water standards and impacts to drinking water from landfills, wastewater, biosolids application, and air deposition. He also emphasized the need for improved analytical methods; effective and feasible treatment options; a holistic lifecycle approach to protect public health; and more research.
  • Chuck Hertz from the Aqua Pennsylvania water company representing water utilities in eight states spoke about the need for a PFAS drinking water standard based on sound science; their extensive monitoring efforts beyond UCMR3; and their community outreach activities.
  • Alice Fulmer of WRF shared information about their project with the Department of Defense on PFAS lifecycle cost assessment and their new PFAS research focus area that includes projects and efforts on multiple drinking water topics.

For more information about WRF’s PFAS efforts, visit their website.