ITRC Releases New AFFF PFAS Fact Sheet

ITRC logoThe Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) has published a new fact sheet on PFAS and Aqueous Firefighting Foam (AFFF) as part of its series of PFAS fact sheets on various topics. This fact sheet is targeted to local, state, and federal regulators in environmental, health, and safety roles as well as AFFF users at municipalities, airports, and industrial facilities. The purpose of the fact sheet is to outline how to properly identify, handle, store, capture, collect, manage, and dispose of AFFF. It includes information about AFFF and its uses; human health and environmental concerns; types of PFAS in AFFF; best management practices for foam selection, storage, use, planning, mitigation, and disposal; investigative actions for cleanup and response to releases; and more. View and download the ITRC AFFF Fact Sheet. For more information and to view all seven ITRC PFAS fact sheets, go to the ITRC website