Community Access to SDWIS Prime

Interested Primacy Agency users may now explore the October SDWIS Prime release: (Some users, particularly EPA users, may have problems with this link. If that occurs, please use either: or This issue should be corrected by the next release so please do not bookmark these links.) 

Current users will continue to use their CDX test credentials to access SDWIS Prime in the EPA test environment.  For forgotten usernames/passwords, users can go to to reset their credentials.  

For users with existing CDX ‘TEST’ credentials, who need access to a new role: 

  1. Make a request within SDWIS Prime (Test) application for the new access you need
  2. Submit a ZenDesk Ticket at  
  • Tell us your CDX Test User ID 
  • Let us know if you made a new role request or modified an existing role 
  • Please give us 24 hours to process these requests.   

Users new to CDX: 

  • Tell us your CDX Test User ID 
  • Specify Primacy Agency or Region for your SDWIS Prime (Test) account 
  • Please give us 24 hours to process these requests. When you are associated with a primacy agency, you will then be able to request roles. Please request all the roles you need. We will run nightly scripts to check and approve role requests/role modifications.  

(Note: Individual users are not able to independently create new roles or modify existing roles in the SDWIS Prime (Test) application, this should be resolved after CY19Q1 release in early February 2019. We will run nightly scripts to check for and approve new role requests and existing role modifications) 

For instructions on accessing the system please visit: 

Users who provided EPA with data for the v0.8 testing will have access to that data.  

Other users will have access to PWS/facility information that EPA loaded from the SDWIS Data Warehouse.  

For login issues and general clarification questions please submit a Zendesk ticket via:  . EPA will provide responses to clarification related Qs (e.g. is function Xx complete / in development / planned for development, or what steps do I perform to use function Yy). 

For functionality and potential bug related comments, please log your comment in the UserVoice software. The Pilot Group will review UserVoice biweekly to obtain awareness of comments/concerns and will use this knowledge to inform their input into SDWIS Prime development (please note, due to capacity issues, though your comments will be reviewed they are unlikely to be directly responded to).  

Users planning to explore SDWIS Prime are advised to focus their efforts on the 31 test cases. These test cases are used to verify that the business rules engine is working as planned. Utilizing the test cases also ensures that users are focusing on pieces of Prime that are complete rather than on pieces currently under development or planned for development.  

EPA will be hosting an upcoming kick-off webinar demoing Prime functionality, use of the sample entry screen, and one of the test cases. The webinar will also show how to submit comments/questions through Zendesk and UserVoice and where users can go to find instructions on using the Prime interface.