Reminder of EPA Extension to WIIN Lead Testing Grants Deadline

Between Christmas and New Year’s, EPA extended the deadline to February 11th for submission of the letters of intent to participate in EPA’s WIIN grants for lead testing in schools and childcare facilities. More detailed information on the extension can be found below, nothing that emails to EPA will not be answered during the current partial federal government shutdown.

EPA has extended the deadline for states and territories to submit Notices of Intent to Participate (NOIP) in EPA‘s new grant program to support voluntary testing for lead in drinking water in schools and childcare facilities to February 11, 2019. Governors or designees can with their NOIP or with any questions. Below is an example email for the NOIP:

On behalf of the state/territory of ________________, I submit this email as notice of intent to participate in the Lead Testing in School and Child Care Drinking Water Grant program as part of the Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation Act. The (insert the state/territory department/agency here) will serve as the lead state/territory agency for this program. Please send any following up information pertaining to the grant program to the following:


Phone number:


Mailing address:

Please contact us anytime at if you have questions or need any additional information.