PFAS Progress in Canada and Michigan

PFOA chem chainLast December Health Canada released technical documents on PFOA and PFOS that assessed health risks, incorporated multiple studies, and considered availability of treatment technology to establish maximum allowable concentrations (MACs) of both contaminants.

PFOA: 0.0002 mg/L (0.2 micrograms/L) (200 ppt)

PFOS: 0.0006 mg/L (0.6 micrograms/L) (600 ppt)

Both documents mention that international actions on PFOA and PFOS were considered in the development of the MACs, including the 70 ppt health advisory in the U.S. and health based values from Australia, which can be found here. Health Canada reports that there is insufficient science in developing guidelines past PFOA and PFOS.

Separately, also last December the Michigan Science Advisory Panel released Scientific Evidence and Recommendations for Managing PFAS Contamination in Michigan. The recommendations provided in this report cover the general human health risks related to PFAS and provide recommendations Michigan can use to move forward in protecting public health.