ASDWA Co-signs Infrastructure Letter with 90 Other Organizations

ASDWA co-signed a letter to Congressional leadership, along with 90 other organizations, urging them to include funding and financing for drinking water, wastewater, water reuse and stormwater infrastructure in any infrastructure package considered during the 116th Congress. Given the well-documented needs of our aging water infrastructure, any infrastructure package represents an excellent opportunity to provide the necessary resources to meet long-term economic, public health and environmental goals. But meeting those goals is easier said than done.

What are the chances of an infrastructure bill being passed by Congress and signed by the President? The current budget and immigration debates are keeping any other significant legislation from getting any attention. Once the current stalemate is resolved (and nobody really knows how long that’s going to take), it’s anybody’s guess if a potential infrastructure bill would get any momentum (or not). The budget implications of any additional federal funding for infrastructure reduce the likelihood of any new funding being passed by Congress and signed by the President.