SDWIS Prime Update 2/7/2019

Hi everyone,

Here are a few updates to follow-up from last week.

We are continuing with contingency planning for another possible shutdown next week.

Security Administration module in SDWIS Prime:

  • Currently, there is a known bug with the “Security Administration” module of SDWIS Prime. We are continuing to work on a fix to this module, and all user access to this module is blocked at this time.  We will restore access to this module after a fix is implemented. In the meantime, if you have any new SDWIS Prime account creation and/or account maintenance needs, please submit your request via the SDWIS Prime ZenDesk. The other modules (Water System, Legal Entities, Violations, and Samples) are working as expected.

Status of CY19 Release 1 and CY19 Release 2. The following schedule updates will be impacted if there is a second shutdown.

  • CY19 Release 1 is currently undergoing internal testing by UAT States and EPA. We are planning for a mid-late March release to the Pre-Production environment.
  • CY19 Release 2 is currently in development. We will provide an estimated release timeframe in a later post.

All Things SDWIS

  • The date for the next “All Things SDWIS” call is February 28th. We are planning to hold the meeting on the 28th. In the unfortunate event of another government shutdown, we may need to postpone.