ASDWA Publishes New Version 2 of PFAS Lab Testing Primer for States and Water Systems

ASDWA has published its new Version 2: ASDWA PFAS Lab Testing Primer for States and Water Systems that updates our previous version to include information about EPA’s new Method 537.1 that was published in November 2018.This primer was developed by the ASDWA PFAS Workgroup in October 2018 to provide guidance and an overview of options and issues for state drinking water programs that are associated with testing for PFAS in water samples collected from public water systems. The primer is divided into eight topics on selecting an analytical method; finding a qualified laboratory; specifying a list of compounds and the form that each PFAS needs to be reported in; specifying reporting limits; technical issues that cause variability in testing results; sample collection procedures; interpreting results; and EPA’s ongoing work to develop new analytical methods.